The FireStick Apps – The Best Live TV App for Amazon Fire Stick

Replacing your satellite and cable subscriptions, live TV applications are the best form of entertainment for your Amazon Fire Stick. Providing extravagant content at nominal costs, it is easy to install and activate these applications on any Fire Stick model. To learn what your options are and to know in detail about the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick just read on further.

best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick

Sling TV

  • It is the best option for international live TV viewing with many different plans to choose from
  • Being an IPTV app, it brings home through its partnering channels many sports events such as NFL, NBA, MLB and MMA
  • This service is, however, available only inside the US and you cannot use this subscription anywhere else


  • Considered to be the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick, it is also free of cost
  • You not only get local channels but also a huge lineup of premium channels, without any subscriptions
  • It is a great collection of satellite channels and seldom do they go offline

Live NetTV

  • Although it is not a very popular name, they are making heads turn with your immaculate service
  • This app is a cord-cutter’s best friend and brings home channels from all over the world
  • It is both remote friendly providing premium content without any subscription charges


  • Watch sports, news, TV shows, movies and everything else live on your Amazon Fire Stick
  • This application figures in our list of the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick because of many reasons
  • One of them is that it is a free app which was initially available as an Android app for users


  • Stream live satellite channels from every part of the country with the USTVNow app
  • Although it provides only US channels, you can view them even when you are traveling to another country
  • A USTVNow subscription is necessary to enjoy the programs on this channel
  • However, if you are not keen on the premium channels, you can subscribe to the free channels too

Redbox TV

  • Another premium subscription app that brings home some of the best entertainment
  • You can enjoy live channels, premium channels as well as on-demand content when you subscribe to this service

Steps to Install and Activate The Best Live TV App for Amazon Fire Stick

Live TV apps are very similar to regular Amazon applications and the installation process too is not much different.

Installing the App

  • On the Fire TV app, visit the Amazon app store
  • Look for a suitable application, the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick and then, choose the ‘Get this app’ option
  • The app gets added to your Amazon account automatically after which, you need to complete its activation
  • You may have to refresh the account or the device to make sure the change reflects in both places

Activating the App

  • In the previous section, you have already used your Amazon account for installing the channel
  • Now, you will be using it to complete the activation process
  • Using the SIGN IN WITH EXISTING ACCOUNT option, choose an existing account for activation
  • Otherwise, either with the channel or with your TV provider, use the REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT
  • You can access the desired live TV service on your Fire Stick once you follow the guided steps of the activation process

Troubleshooting Activation Issues

The Channel is Installed But Not Activated

As long as you don’t activate the channel, you will be unable to commence watching videos on it and henceforth, it is quite vital to finish the process on the channel activation website.

Logging into the Live TV App

  • You can log into your live TV app by registering for an account on the channel’s website
  • Moreover, certain applications may need a channel activation code for this process
  • Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection to facilitate the login

Troubleshooting Streaming Errors

Errors are quite common and here are a few remedies when you face them with the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick

Channel is Buffering

  • Buffering issues are directly associated with your internet connection
  • It needs to be solid without interruptions and also, multiple device streaming should be avoided

Unable to Access the App

  • When you lose track of your subscription or if your subscription has expired, you may face problems in accessing the app
  • Make sure you renew your subscriptions on a regular basis if any
  • Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall the app to rectify the issue

Call us at our toll-free number +1-844-517-6440 or visit Amazon Fire TV Stick Support for on-call assistance for activating and troubleshooting the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick.

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