How Do I Control Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote ?

Amazon is participating in all trends and delivering their efforts for next step of technological advancement. In that way, fire TV stick is one of the best streaming service providers around worldwide users. You just need a strong internet connection and TV to get the broad entertainment contents. First, the fire TV was launched with the normal remote to navigate the channel options. But with the incorporation of alexa with the fire TV, alexa remote option is out now. Users can easily set up their fire TV stick just with their voice prompts. Plug your fire TV stick to the HDMI TV port and get personalized recommendations using the voice search and, in this blog, we are going to discuss Amazon Fire TV Stick with alexa voice remote control options.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with alexa voice remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with alexa voice remote

Steps to Find out the Alexa device on fire TV

  • After plugging the Amazon fire TV stick to the TV port, the available alexa device around the TV can be selected by using the alexa app.
  • Download the Alexa app from the app store in your smartphone and install. Open the app and sign in with the same account that you have already signed up with the alexa device.
  • To establish this connection between the fire TV stick and alexa device, you should have both the latest updates of fire TV device software and alexa app.

Steps to Connect Alexa with fire TV

  • In the alexa app, enter the menu and select the ‘settings’ option. Under the settings, access the ‘TV and video’ option and click the ‘fire TV’.
  • On-screen guidelines will be displayed in the app itself and follow the mentioned steps. Finally, click the ‘link devices’ option to make the connection.
  • Now the available alexa devices will be displayed in the list. You can select and manage the device features in the app itself.

If you have only one alexa device in your ambiance, then the app will ask for the auto connection. In case of multiple alexa devices, you have to sign in the right account and select your choice. Fire TV stick is capable to connect with multiple alexa devices. But it can be controlled using one alexa device at a time.

Navigate using Alexa remote

After a successful connection is made between the fire TV stick and the alexa device, you can use all the navigation options using the Alexa remote.

For example to watch a movie, you can use the ‘Watch [movie name]’ voice prompt. Similarly like this, you can do all the options like power on/off the fire TV, controlling the volume, playback options, Switching the input channels, and live TV controls by the Fire TV Stick with alexa.

A separate app called fire TV remote app is also available for the users. With this app user can be able to control their fire TV using their smartphone as a remote. By installing the app, navigating buttons are displayed in the smartphone, and the user has to swipe and click for navigating between the options and to switch the channels.

Besides the above-mentioned instructions, if you need furthermore assistance to know the procedures about Amazon Fire TV Stick with alexa voice remote, visit amazon fire tv stick support and moreover you can reach us by the toll-free number @ +1-844-517-6440.

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