How to Setup Amazon Fire TV 4K?

At Just $50 or less, Amazon’s latest Fire TV 4K supports some of the most important formats. Besides being affordable, the device comes with 4K and HDR 10 features while even encompassing Dolby Vision. Amazon, by default, includes Alexa that comes with a myriad of things that it can do for you. The Amazon Fire TV 4K setup process is being explained clearly below with reviews, installation and remote control settings too.

Amazon Fire TV 4K setup

Amazon Fire TV 4K setup

Review about Amazon Fire TV 4K

With a smooth menu navigation, quick Wi-Fi streaming and a fantastic performance, the Amazon Fire TV 4K stick is one of the best models that the company has introduced till date. But it does flog its content too much and tries everything to beat the Roku. Take complete advantage of this 4K HDR streamer from Amazon to get the best display and especially if you have a smart TV that is compatible with HDR.

The package

Plug the device and it will fit snugly into a TCL 6-series or a Samsung Q7F or even a Sony X900F. The device is also in-built with a side-mounted micro-USB power port. An HDMI extender included with the package ensures the right fitting into the TV port. Other accessories included with the Fire TV 4K besides the extender are, the USB power cable, a wall adapter, and an upgraded Alexa voice remote that holds the power to modulate your TV’s volume control.

Instructions to Amazon Fire TV 4K setup

A relatively simple affair, setting up the Amazon Fire TV 4K is a breeze. It is pretty simple and on the whole, the device supports multiple HDR formats and that is why remains future-ready. The device connects to the Amazon account immediately after updating the software.

  • Prior to setup, you must ensure that you possess a compatible TV because Amazon Fire TV works well only with Ultra High-definition TVs and HD TVs with an HDMI port. Furthermore, you must also get an HDMI cable, if you think it has not been included.
  • A Wi-Fi network is required to complete the setup and access content available on the device
  • The Amazon Fire TV 4K additionally uses an Amazon Ethernet Adapter to connect via the Ethernet Cable

Installation of Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K

  • The included power adapter goes into an electrical outlet and then on to the back of the Fire TV 4K
  • Check for the corresponding name of the input channel because you will have to select this as you turn the TV on
  • Once completed, the Amazon Fire TV Logo fills the screen

Remote control setting up

  • The batteries should be inserted into the remote for it to work
  • Two AAA batteries accompany the package
  • Check batteries’ placement and orientation and after insertion, should check if the lid has been placed properly
  • The pairing process is instinctive since the device is programmed relatively
  • Immediately press the HOME button for up to 10 seconds to finish the pairing
  • This completes the pairing process and readies device for internet connection.

To accomplish installation follow setup instructions appearing on the screen. For doubts, clarifications or to simply know more about the Fire TV 4K, call our agents @ +1-844-517-6440. Our trained technicians provide Amazon Fire TV Stick support to the customers throughout the day.

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