Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions: Pair Amazon Fire TV Remote

Streaming sticks are the new fabulous way of easy entertainment. Already, a lot of people are getting rid of traditional cable subscriptions and entering the streaming devices platform. With an intuitive interface and easily portable options, these streaming sticks are currently the most preferred choice of entertainment for the users.

Amazon brings us Firestick, which houses all the entertainment in a single pen-drive like device and it is easily portable one. Just take it in your pocket, insert to the TV port, and that’s it. You can now surf through worldwide movies and shows with a compatible TV.

There are multiple options for navigation on Amazon Fire TV Stick and probably, the primary option is the Amazon Firestick remote. You can grab this from your Firestick package and the foremost thing is you should pair Amazon Fire TV remote for navigating the options. Refer this Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions to get exposure to simple yet the fastest ways to pair the Firestick remote.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions

If you have done all the initial setup connections and still the remote is not working straightaway check for any issues with the batteries. As the device loads the high-quality contents, the Firestick needs sufficient power for the performance, and the same also with the remote. If the problem is not with the batteries, then you should do the re-pairing process of remote with the Firestick.

How to Pair Amazon Fire TV Remote?

Follow the upcoming steps to pair your remote with the device. And especially for the below steps, you should use the original Fire TV remote, rather than using any random remote.

  • First, remove the Firestick from the TV port and insert again after a while
  • Turn on the device, in the home screen, press and hold the home button in the remote for above twenty seconds
  • If the pairing is done, a prompt will appear in the right bottom of the screen
  • If not, again press and hold the home button for another 20 seconds
  • Repeat the same step until pairing. Mostly the remote will pair within a minimum of 5 tries and maximum up to 10

Alternate Method – Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote

In addition to the above Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions, try these steps to pair any alternate remote,

  • If you are using a Bluetooth remote, then turn on the blue tooth in your remote
  • In your Firestick menu, go to the settings->controllers & Bluetooth devices->other Bluetooth devices->add Bluetooth devices
  • Firestick will scan for the available alternate remote around the device and this may take some minutes
  • After scanning, select your alternate remote as your Amazon fire stick universal remote

As keypad is unavailable in the original Firestick remote, many users prefer to use the alternate remote for easy handling.

In addition to the steps, call our team @+1-844-517-6440 for direct voice instructions to pair Amazon FireTV remote easily with your device.

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