Amazon Fire Stick Mobile App – The Solution to All Your Remote Problems!

*Pun intended!

Now that we got that pathetic joke out of the way, we’ll talk seriously for a minute here. What all issues do you face every day, with your remote?

Where is the remote!

That’s one of the most annoying ones. You just kept it on the table and went to grab a drink. Now it’s gone. Where is the remote?
Amazon Fire Stick Mobile App

Oops. Battery low.

Seriously? Now you have to go out to the store and buy a couple of AAAs to change your channels and turn the volume up.

Juggling the remotes

When you own a streaming device, it is inevitable that you have a few remotes to juggle with. TV, Streaming remote, speakers or home theatres if you have them as well. Well, that’s a lot of remotes.

One solution – Amazon Fire Stick Remote App!

Well, ring up and find your remote.

If you have the Amazon Fire Stick Mobile app, you can simply call and find the remote in seconds! It’s that simple.

No more batteries!

If the remote is simply your phone, you can simply go ahead and plug it into a charger!

No more juggling

The remotes can all be put into one single mobile device, because there are applications to act as a remote for most of the devices. Even if there is no app for your TV, it’s still one less remote to deal with!

Apart from these classic problems, the mobile application solves a few more problems as well. Imagine it’s a bit late at night and you needed to watch the game! Games are loud, and reducing the volume means compromising the experience of watching a sport. So what do we do?

Private listening using the Amazon Fire Stick Mobile App. You can just plug in a headphone and listen to your TV from your phone!

You can also go ahead and use the voice command option in the Amazon Fire Stick Mobile App. 

These are a few advantages of having a mobile app over just a remote, and there are a lot more. The application is completely free, and it is available for both Android and iOS. It’s easy to download and install.

If you have trouble downloading the application on your phone or installing it, please let us know. We will help you install the Amazon Fire Stick Mobile App and sync it to your Amazon Fire Stick. Visit our hub Amazon Fire TV Stick Support for more info. Our toll-free number is +1-844-517-6440

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