Try These Simple Steps to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen

After careening the conventional cable subscriptions, users are shifting themselves to streaming entertainment choices. In this list of streaming service providers, Amazon fire stick is one of the most preferred choices by the users and the number of users is still increasing day by day.

amazon fire stick black screen

amazon fire stick black screen


  • As the firestick comes up with a small compact design, it is easily portable one
  • A lot of users prefer portable streaming players and this firestick gratifies all their needs
  • Every electronic gadget is somewhat prone to hardware/software troubles
  • It may arise because of the mishandling of devices or any other factors
  • Fire stick is also certain to meet some troubles, and the black screen is one in that list
  • It is commonly called as Amazon fire stick black screen

Here we provide you with some insights on causes and solutions for this black screen error in our firestick.

Preliminary Steps to be Done for Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen:

  • Sometimes, you may see that the TV display is in normal condition. But you are unable to navigate the options and feel like stuck amid the firestick loading. In this case, your first job is to troubleshoot the fire stick remote. Check out that you have rightly paired the remote with your firestick device.
  • Turn off your device, remove the power cord from the firestick, plug again and restart the device. By simply using the remote also you can do this restart option.
  • Press and hold the ‘select’ & ‘play/pause’ button simultaneously for 5 seconds


  • Go to the firestick home menu, access the settings->device-> and then click ‘restart
  • The firestick is able to get the power from the TV itself. But in some cases, due to some other external factors, firestick will be unable to receive sufficient power from the TV. So, it is better to connect your firestick to the power source always by using the USB power cord.
  • If you are using HDMI extender to connect the firestick to the power device, choose the High-Speed HDMI cable from the package only, rather than using random cables.
  • Otherwise, try connecting your firestick to a different HDMI input port in your TV

By doing the above-mentioned steps itself, at maximum, you are able to solve the Amazon fire stick black screen issue. Even if you are getting the issue, follow the below secondary steps,

Some other things to try, 

  • Select the right HDMI input, that you have inserted the fire stick in your TV menu
  • Try out connecting by different HDMI cable extender
  • Unplug, if any the other devices are connected to other ports in your TV
  • Press and hold the ‘up’ & ‘rewind’ button in your fire stick remote for five seconds to change the resolution in your TV
  • If you are streaming a program in 4K Ultra HD resolution, chances are there for black screen or display flicker. So wait for a few seconds, until loading

If you want instant solutions in a smooth way to solve Amazon fire stick black screen issue, talk to our expert team by calling the toll-free number +1-844-517-6440 or visit Amazon Fire TV Stick Support

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