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Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Amazon Fire Stick is a device that easily fits into your pocket. But it packs quite a punch. It slides into the HDMI spot that your computer has, or with the right tools, it can even be plugged into your computer or compatible tablets for you to stream from your Amazon Fire Stick.

To stream with an Amazon Fire Stick, you will need an Amazon Prime account, which will help you stream your favorite channels from the wide channel arrays that Amazon has amassed all these years, get your Amazon orders faster than the normal delivery and enjoy Amazon Music.

All this, for a yearly subscription! It’s pretty affordable, and the channels that come with Amazon definitely make it interesting. We will offer you the Amazon Fire TV Stick Support for device installation and explain a few of its prominent features.  Let you know our choice of the best channels that you can stream from the Amazon Fire Stick.

Features of Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Alexa Voice Control

Alexa voice control feature to make the required selections using your voice

Bluetooth Headphones

Connect the Bluetooth headphones to the Fire stick and listen to your favorite tunes

Parental Controls

Parental Controls to block the features that you do not require

Games and Apps

Select the Gaming options on your device that offers your favorite Game list

Voice Recordings

Voice recording feature on Amazon Fire stick to record your voice commands

Fire TV Remote App

Get the Amazon Fire TV Remote app to start pairing it to control your device

What all do I need to setup Amazon Fire Stick

It’s simple and you will need only three things;

A TV that’s compatible with Amazon Fire Stick
Active Internet connection to stream your favourites
An Amazon account to setup your device

Compatible TV – Amazon Fire Stick is compatible with almost all of the new, high end TVs that stream in HD, Ultra HD and 4K, or any TV with a HDMI port.

How do I connect Amazon Fire Stick to my TV

For the Amazon Fire Stick to get started and stream your favorite Amazon Fire Stick Channels, your Amazon Stick will need three connections in place. One, the wired connection between the Amazon Stick and the power source, two the direct connection between the Amazon stick and the TV itself, and a wireless connection that enables Amazon Stick an active internet connection. Ring our Amazon Fire TV Stick support number and we’ll tell you how to set each of these connections.

Step 1 - Connecting Amazon Fire Stick to a power source

Now, if you take a closer look at your Amazon Stick, it has a micro-USB port in it. This port for the power. You can simply plug the micro-USB point to this port, and connect the other end to an adapter and plug it to a power source. It is understandable that it’s easier if the Amazon Stick stays connected to the powered USB cable in the TV itself, instead of a separate power source.

But the point is, not all TVs can pump out enough power to ensure that the Amazon Fire Stick runs smooth. So, it is advisable to use a separate power source and not the USB ports in the TV itself. Additionally, it is definitely not recommended to use the stick when there is no power connection, or limited power connection via the USB port.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Support

Step 2 - Connecting Amazon Fire Stick to a TV

This is almost cake walk. You can simply slide the Stick in to a traditional HDMI port, and wait for the device to be recognized. Once the TV recognizes the Amazon Stick, the device sets up the Stick and throws a few on-screen instructions.

While doing this, Amazon recommends you use the HDMI adaptor that comes with the package. This is to ensure that the device sits in the slot perfectly and there is no room for any mishaps. Also, if your TV has more than one HDMI port, please remember which port the Amazon Stick is connected to. This will come in handy during the next step.

Amazon Fire Stick Installation

Step 3 - Letting your TV know the input method

This is technically the last step in the amazon Fire Stick installation and setup. Once you are done with the installation with the help of Amazon Fire TV Stick Support, there’s no stopping you from streaming all your favorites! So, let’s get right into it. Go to your TV settings, and select the input method to the HDMI port; that you connected Amazon Fire Stick to.

Once this is done, the TV will take a second to recoup and the Amazon Fire Stick logo welcomes you! Once this is done, next is to use the remote to set up an active internet connection. So, pick up the remote and open the tray behind. Insert a couple of new AAA batteries, and pair it with the Amazon Fire Stick that you have connected to the TV. This pairing is actually automatic, meaning the remote detects its own Amazon device and pairs itself to the device, but if it doesn’t press and hold the Home button for a solid ten seconds before the remote enters Discover mode. It’s simple!

Step 4 - Connecting to the internet

Amazon Fire Stick, once set up, via the Amazon Fire TV Stick Support guide or screen instruction guide you will know how to set up with a wireless internet connection. This is a fairly simple process, and it can be done in a minute or two. Since the Fire Stick only connects to wireless internet, please make sure you connect to the right network by entering the right credentials. Also, make sure there aren’t too many obstacles between your TV and your Wi-Fi router.

Step 5 - Syncing your Amazon account with the Fire Stick

It’s pretty obvious what the next step is, isn’t it! You have an Amazon account, now you have an Amazon Fire Stick setup. So, the next step is to sync them up. When prompted by the Stick, log in to your Amazon account by entering the right user name and password using the remote.

Finally, when all this is done, you can start streaming from your Fire Stick right away! Cookie points if you have an Alexa at home, because pairing the two Amazon products is as easy too. Once paired, Alexa can take voice commands and execute it via your Amazon Fire TV Stick. For instance, call out “Alexa, search for Breaking Bad” and it’ll happen!

Amazon Fire TV Stick Support

Alexa and Amazon Fire Stick - How to setup

If you don’t have an Alexa, don’t worry! The Amazon Fire Stick remote takes voice commands for searches too, so use it like you would use Alexa.

With Amazon Fire Stick, you can stream all your favorite channels, movies, soaps and get unlimited access to Amazon Music as well. So, who wouldn’t want one?

Call us via our toll-free number  for Amazon Fire TV Stick Support Start the setup or  Amazon Fire Stick install and we will help you get through it in minutes. we are available  24*7. Happy Binging!

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